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Veg Tan Leather 1.75 WIDE -  BLACK

Veg Tan Leather 1.75 WIDE - BLACK


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Can't find a belt quite strong enough to suit your needs. It's remarkable what a quarter inch will do. At 1 3/4 inch in width this belt will help you feel more secure as you walk around and it fills up a standard pants' belt loops better than any other belt on the market.

A quality belt dyed a deep black, hand polished and edged black.

Your belt can be stitched with various colors or you can have it sent to you with contrasting white stitching like this one. 

Guaranteed for life.

1.75 inches in width with three holes to the left and right of the center hole. This belt feels exceptionally secure with its extra 1/4 inch. It's the perfect belt for someone who carries flashlights, multi-tools, knives and other items, or just for someone looking for more support during the day. 

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